Intuitive Interface for Engaging Meetings

GlobalMeet® is an intuitive, all-in-one conferencing platform designed with the user in mind. One-click universal meeting access allows participants to quickly join meetings without dial-in passcodes or software downloads, and ensures that all meetings start on time. GlobalMeet allows you to quickly present a file, share your screen or invite new guests to the meeting with just one click. Try it free today.

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No Dial-Ins, Passcodes or Software Downloads

Increase productivity by simplifying guest meeting entry and minimizing disruptions. Attendees can effortlessly join meetings via phone or VoIP using GlobalMeet’s “Connect Me” feature, which calls them at any desired phone number. Upon entry, meeting controls display so attendees can mute or adjust their audio preferences, resulting in fewer interruptions during the meeting. GlobalMeet is a cloud-based platform, meaning guests are not required to download and install complex software to join. Ensure all of your meetings start on time, with fewer distractions by using GlobalMeet.


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Manage Presentation Files in the Cloud

Use GlobalMeet’s cloud-based file library to easily manage presentation files across devices. Upload, download and share files with guests. Recorded meetings are automatically stored in your file library for easy access and distribution.


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Simple Controls, Powerful Features

GlobalMeet’s simple design incorporates powerful features for all of your online meetings and presentations. Engage internal and external audiences using multipoint video, simple screen sharing, Q&A, polling, whiteboarding and chat. After meetings, keep everyone in the loop with record and playback sharing for those who could not attend.


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