Event Conferencing Executed Flawlessly

PGi’s industry-leading Event Conferencing® solution provides you with everything you need for all of your large-scale meetings. Host up to 15,000 participants from anywhere in the world over a secure and reliable global audio network and add engaging visuals with Slide Assist. PGi’s event experts ensure your meeting is flawlessly executed from beginning to end. This is why some of the world’s largest organizations rely on our proven expertise to manage their high-profile events.

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Create Visual Presentations with Slide Assist

When you need to go beyond audio, use PGi’s Slide Assist to share visual elements in your presentations. Create a more personal and engaging conference call experience for up to 1,000 concurrent participants with slide sharing, presenter headshots and live participant Q&A. Privately chat with other presenters to ensure seamless transitions and flawless execution no matter how many speakers are in your panel.

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Risk-Free, Full-Service Event Management

PGi’s event experts deliver a superior meeting experience, ensuring a successful outcome for your most important conferencing events. We personalize events based on your specific needs and take care of all the details so you can focus solely on your presentation and making a positive impression on your audience. Learn more about our Event Conferencing services.

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